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    If so, we totally understand! Many concepts in math can be tricky and because of that, we teach with patience and optimism, believing that it's only a matter of time before you get better!
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Helping brilliant minds understand math like never before...

"You're already brilliant! We're just helping you to see that in math." - Founder

Remote Tutoring

Why choose remote tutoring? Because if you don't have to fight through traffic to make yet another appointment, why not? This service provides a virtual one-on-one experience with the student in need, spending time working through the homework and classwork assignments assigned by the teacher. During fall/spring semester tutoring sessions, the goal is to get the student caught up with the current lessons in class and ideally, advance to teaching the lesson before they learn it in class!

Summer Courses

Too often over the summer, students are not challenged academically to ensure that they will succeed the next school year. As a result, we have created our summer courses that lay the foundation of the math and science levels your student will encounter during their upcoming school year. Students will also be given weekly assignments to provide an opportunity to practice what they have learned in class. By the end of this course, your student will enter the next grade more prepared and go through their school year, adding to the foundational understanding they've establish over the summer months.

Test Prep (Math Only)

If you are in need of SAT, ACT or GED math test prep, or desire to brush up on skills needed to pass the math portion of K-5 GACE testing in order to become a teacher, we can help! Although we do not currently provide test prep for other subjects outside of math, we also realize that math is usually the one subject people need help with the most when it comes to standardized tests. If you fall in that category and would like help studying for an upcoming exam, we will partner with you to complete a test prep curriculum, designed by a reputable company that specializes in preparatory material.

* Additional costs for materials may apply.

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